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Secure Statement Send

Secure Statement Send enables system users to send copies of statements from eArchive to customerís as encrypted e-mail attachments to insure the security of customer information.

Direct delivery or e-mail notification of Exact electronic replicas of paper documents can be sent via secure e-mail with certified delivery to the recipients e-mail in box E-mail notices can be sent notifying recipients of documents posted to a Web site for viewing and retrieval. Additional pages or inserts can be included Includes a branded Web site and Cover Letter Management Provides a full function Customer Service Support system

  • eDelivery Service provides the capability to send an e-mail notification to recipients notifying them a document is ready for their viewing via the Internet. This is a tool which can help minimize the cost of sending out bulky printed documents and can result in significant savings in applications such as customer service or product maintenance.
  • eDelivery Service also provides for secure, encrypted delivery of documents to the recipients e-mail post office eliminating the concern over whether the customer received an electronic document. This unique feature of being able to deliver with certainty enables you to take customer service to a higher level while at the same time eliminating the expense of assembling and mailing printed paper documents. If customers choose this option they have the comfort of knowing that their documents are also available on the Web site.
  • eDelivery Service enables you to include inserts to expand marketing opportunities at minimum cost. This also provides you the assurance that your electronic delivery matches your paper delivery right down to the stuffer.
  • eDelivery Service provides you with a branded Web site where your customers are directed for viewing of documents. You can make this function available to your customers even if they do not opt for electronic delivery.
  • eDelivery Service provides a feature rich subscription system to your customers including initial enrollment and delivery preferences
  • eDelivery Service includes our Customer Service Support system which enables your customer service agents to track all customer interactions on the Web site, and provides the tools to significantly reduce the cost of customer service.
  • eDelivery Service is based on eArchive Document Service, which means documents are faithfully reproduced so that printed and on-line versions look the same.
  • eDelivery Service implementation requires no change to current documents, and provides you with an advanced Internet based document management system. The first step is creation of your branded Web site which includes the following subsystems
  • Cover Letter Management is a part of the eDelivery Service. It provides you with e-mail templates which you can use as is, or modify to fit your specific requirements. These documents provide feedback to customers when they make changes to their profile or other personal information on the system or when payments are made on their account(s).
  • Customer Service Support System (CS3) enables your customer service agents to respond to customers request for information concerning documents. It enables them to view, print, fax or e-mail customer documents. Included in CS3 are Note Tracker (a contact tracking system), Activity Logs (all on-line and customer service activity) and customer service E-mail. (Customer Service e-mails are logged and appear in the Activity Log).
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