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Pay Now

eLockbox Pay Now

A Secure Payment Acceptance and Tracking System

eLockbox Pay Now is a secure, stand alone service that captures payment information from the web. The information is stored and made available to biller agents who then authorize and post the payments manually. Customers are provided a receipt of payments to help resolve disputes and facilitate research.


eLockbox Pay Now fulfills the needs of billers who do not need a real-time credit card authorization service in order to accept web payments. Pay Now offers a service that is easy to integrate into an existing web site yet provides necessary encryption and access controls that are typical of fully integrated web sites. Security provisions include:
  • 128 Bit SSL browser messaging encryption.
  • Account numbers are stored using strong encryption.
  • Account numbers are abbreviated to four digits after posting so they can't be fraudulently reused.
  • Access to the record of payments is limited by id and password.
  • A complete activity log is available.
  • Credit card type and number are validated.

Billers who need real-time authorization, access to an invoice archive, an electronic remittance advice file or an electronic bill delivery and payment should consider eInvoice and the standard eLockbox Payment System.


The primary benefits of Pay Now are:
1. Low Cost
2. Easy Web Site Integration
3. Secure Service

Feature Specification

The customer interface consists of :
  • A link that may be attached to text or an image which launches the Pay Now Lite service.
  • A pop-up entry form to collect card and bill payment information.
  • A receipt page that may be printed and saved.
The biller interface consists of:
  • A sign on page.
  • A search and search results page that displays and totals payments by period.
  • An update page that facilitates marking payments as posted (or declined).
  • A download page that supports biller payment backups, tracking and reconciliation.
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