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HealthCare Payment System

ePayPoint Service

A Healthcare Payment System


ePayPoint Service is a point of service payment system designed for the healthcare industry. This robust web based system provides the ability to accept cash, credit card and check payments without the need for expensive retail oriented point of sale systems. Payments can be accepted at any location that has a workstation with Internet connectivity available. ePayPoint Service will enable you to improve your business processes and workflow, improve customer service, and increase employee productivity. At the same time it provides for significantly more effective cash control.


  • Provides cash drawer and vault management to track payments starting at the point of receipt.
  • Card swipe/check readers are used to process payments in real time and convert checks to electronic transactions.
  • Each patient/customer receives a printed receipt and the option to receive an emailed receipt if they so choose.
  • Multi-Region, Entity and Department processing handles large enterprises.
  • Accepts payments against patient accounts or for direct item purchases such as classes, medical supplies and other inventory items.
  • Provides ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) and G/L transaction files for automated systems posting. Supports EDI and custom formats using HIS cartridge.
  • Allows you to apply your business rules to payment processing


ePayPoint Service is designed to manage cash receipts and generate productivity based savings while improving the customers experience, By reducing data entry points within an entity, the employees’ time is more valuable, resulting in considerable cost savings

Additionally, even the most conservative estimates reflect substantial savings if you consider that you’re streamlining your process flows significantly. When you reduce bank deposit float by even one day, you’ll see significant acceleration of cash flow


Efficient Automatically posts to Patient and G/L systems eliminating hours of manual entry work.
Eliminates Redundancy Multiple files are processed from the same information so Patient, G/L, ACH, Credit Cards and Cash deposits are all in balance.
Accommodates All Clientele The POS Cash Receipts System is a web-based tool designed to accommodate both patient and non-patient (i.e. classes, supplies, fees, etc.) payments.
Integrates Into Existing Systems The payments service may be integrated directly into your Patient system so that a link activates a pre-filled payment form on-demand.
Comprehensive Reporting In addition to Patient and G/L information the service can create separate management information files for tracking activity or paying commissions and incentives.
Card Swipe and Check Reader Support The service supports card swipe and check conversion terminals meaning you get the lowest merchant discount rate possible and save time and effort by converting paper checks to electronic transactions right at the point-of-sale.
Extensive Security Provisions Users are assigned roles. The roles, which you may customize, are a collection of permissions like who may perform payment, voids and refunds as well as who may maintain the service and view reports.


What kinds of devices are supported? Magtek card and check MICR readers including the Magtek Mini MICR combination device.

What kind of software is needed on the PC for the device? We supply all software that is required as well as a procedure to enable the device; it attaches through a simple USB cable.

We use individual cash drawers but sometimes, we utilize a centralized cash drawer in a department. Can this system accommodate this type of setup? Yes. The system can be configured to work with either type of operation.

Can users be restricted from access to other departments’ activity? Can you further restrict who can process voids and refunds? Yes, a complete set of permissions can be customized into roles. The roles can then be assigned to users. Examples include: Cashier, Head Cashier, and Vault Manager.

In addition to patient billing, what other areas related to patient care could potentially benefit from this service? Hospitals and medical centers offering education classes, medical supplies such as wheelchairs, crutches, or other medical supplies could easily use this service to accept payment and integrate billing.

How is a corporate help desk supported? The Service offers special screens that permit your internal help desk department to respond to user requests. It displays logged-in users and also supports password reset without having to contact a system administrator.
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