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eDelivery Services

Electronic Delivery Services include the following as they may apply to your requirements

  • Delivery Service includes attaching an encrypted document to an e-mail or sending a notification e-mail that the document is available on the Web. documents that are delivered electronically are suppressed from printing so that either a paper document or an electronic document is sent but not both. documents sent via e-mail are also viewable by your customer on the Web site.
  • Insert Service enables you to include inserts with electronically delivered bills. Inserts are attached as additional PDF files to the document e-mail. Inserts must be in an electronic “original” form so they can be compacted for efficient e-mail delivery. More then one insert can be specified and inserts specific to a unique document may be programmed for delivery
  • Custom Integration Services such as integrating or replacing eDelivery Courier features with similar features you already have in your system such as Contact Management or Accounting Systems embedding are available. These are quoted on an individual basis.
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