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Document Delivery

Ensures your electronic documents arrive where you send them Features:

  • Certified delivery to the recipients electronic post office
  • Deliver documents as an encrypted e-mail attachment
  • Includes a branded Web site for customer viewing
  • Provides multiple subsystems to enhance customer service


Document Delivery service is designed to work with any document available in eArchive, and includes a secure interface to eArchive for end user access. Like most systems, it sends customers a notice letting them know there is a document in eArchive that requires their attention. It even provides a "hot button" they can click which takes them directly to the document.

What is unique about Document Delivery is that your customer can receive documents from eArchive directly into their e-mail. Documents are encrypted for security and, delivery to the individual's electronic post office is certified, eliminating uncertainty regarding customer receipt of the e-mail attached document.

Document Insertion

  • Attach marketing fliers or legal notices for electronic delivery
  • Electronic mail piece is replica of printed mail piece

Response Document Management System

  • Multiple email templates for use by Customer Service Agents
  • Use stock templates or customize to meet your requirements
  • Automatic merging of customer data into e-mail
  • Automatic e-mail response documents each activity

Customer Service Support System

  • Print, fax, or e-mail documents to customer
  • Note tracker for recording all customer interactions
  • Interface to your CRM system (Optional)
  • Customer service agents have the same view as customers
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